Solar Panel Coating

WHY our Nano Liquid Glass Coating is essential for Solar Panels

7 Weeks WITHOUT our Nano Liquid Glass Coating
(no cleaning done)
15 Months WITH our Nano Liquid Glass Coating
(no cleaning done)

Photos taken December 2019 (same roof; all panels subjected to the same external factors)

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Neglected dirty panels are costing the owner a fortune

Here is your low investment solution

If your home or business has solar panels, they are not working to their full potential.

Dirt, pollen, grime, and fungus cover your solar panels, blocking the full extent of the sun’s rays.

When the panels become stained with grime, they are not able to reach their full potential.

A coating with our Nano Liquid Glass will make your solar panels hydrophobic and dust repellent.

This will make your solar panels more efficient and easy-to-clean.

Causes of solar panel grime

Causes of solar panel grime can range from bird droppings, heavy pollen seasons, dust, leaves, and if your structure is near industrial or agricultural sites, and many other factors.

Leaves and debris

Stuck on leaves and heavy dust can also wreak havoc on your solar panel system.

While water may run down quickly, it can cement tree leaves and dust to the glass in its wake.

These leaves remain on the glass as they break down, leaving substantial build up that blocks the sun’s rays.


If your home or business is located in areas that receive little rain, you may notice your solar panels accumulating a lot of dust and grime.

Eventually you will see a thick film accumulating on your panels or notice that their efficiency is dropping.

Self-cleaning properties of our Nano Liquid Glass Coating

The coating’s self-cleaning effect stops dust and bird poo from sticking to solar panels.

With the help of the coating, all dirt will be easily removed after a little bit of rain or after manually spraying water on the panels.

This would ensure the panels stay clean and maintain their efficiency, guaranteeing the maximum amount of electricity is produced.

Simply ‘water your solar panels’ regularly to remove the dirt.

You can limit maintenance by simply spraying some water on your solar panels and the Nano Liquid Glass coating will do the rest.

What effect does lots of rain have on your solar panels?

During a rain downpour a sheet of water will form on your solar panels preventing the panels from performing to their full potential.

Our Nano Liquid Glass coating will make your solar panels hydrophobic.

This causes water to repel more quickly than uncoated solar panels.

This hydrophobic coating helps panels to let water flow off more easily and therefore would make the solar panel more efficient during inclement weather.

External testing has proven coated solar panels are up to 43% more efficient than uncoated solar panels

Our Solution

Option A: 7601 Super Glass High Quality SiO2 Coating for Solar Panels

This coating was designed to enable smooth glass-like surfaces to have less contact with dirt particles. The hydro- and oleophobic effects cause particles of contamination such as grease, oil, lime and materials from environmental pollution to adhere less to the substrates and allow them to be easily removed from the coating, i.e., without applying abrasive agents (“Easy-to-clean” effect).

Product characteristics

  • Strong hydrophobicity
  • Strong anti-stick properties
  • Excellent easy-clean performance on contamination and lime-scale
  • Durability of the coating: 3-5 years

Further properties:

  • Coverage Rate per liter: 150-200m²

  • Invisible to the human eye (coating thickness: 100-150nm)

  • Permanent (UV-stable, enormous abrasion-resistance)

  • Resistant to temperature change

  • Breathable

  • Chemical-resistant (except for pH value of 13 or 14)

Option B: 7654 WB Rapid On SiO2 Coating for Solar Panels

7654 WB Rapid On creates an ultra-thin layer which bonds to the surface via an instantaneous electrostatic binding of billions of tiny silicium (silicon) molecules; comparable to the action of tiny magnets bonding to themselves and a ferrous substrate. As a result, microscopically small pores and capillaries are sealed, and dirt particles and other impurities are unable to adhere to the now significantly smoother layer, and as a result coated surfaces are considerably easier to clean. In addition to providing an easy to clean surface, the coating is also highly hydrophobic. This is an exceptionally easy to apply coating which is ideal for commercial / facility management purposes and domestic application.

Key features

  • Application Temperature: 0 – 45°C

  • Coverage Rate per liter: 100m²

  • Durability of the coating: 3-6 months

  • Curing time: 5 minutes, immediately usable


  • Water-based

  • Solvent-free

  • No odour

  • Excellent water-repellency

  • Silky smooth surface

  • Resistant to nearly all acids, solvents and domestic grade alkaline cleaners

  • Easy-to-clean effect (e.g., from impurities produced by insects, bird droppings, exhaust pollutants, and other aggressive stains)

  • UV-resistant

  • Non-toxic

  • Non-flammable

  • Readily biodegradable

  • High abrasion resistance against wind-borne particles

  • Significant overall reduction of re-soiling

  • Temperature resistant from -40 – +200°C

  • Ph resistant from 1-10

Which Coating Will Be More Suitable For You

7601 Super Glass

  • Well tested and super efficient product
  • NOT easy to apply on installed panels since it requires buffing
  • Installing within controlled environment (warehouse, etc.) preferred
  • Cleaning is easy with damp cloth
  • Durability: ± 3 – 5 years
  • Re-application could be a challenge due to buffing requirement
  • Use 7654 Rapid On as a renewal product after initial 3-5 years

7654 Rapid On

  • Durability: ± 3-6 months
  • Can be used as part of cleaning / maintenance process
  • Easy to install
  • Can be sprayed onto panels
  • Buffing not required for Solar Panels
  • Cleaning is easy with damp cloth
  • Re-application
  • Can be done with spraying the panels or with mechanical action (mop / broom-like apparatus / sponge)

Benefits of having our Nano Liquid Glass coating on your Solar Panels

  • Repels water and prevents the build-up of dirt and other contaminants from environmental pollution

  • Improves the efficiency of Solar Panels leading to a better return on investment

  • Easy to apply

  • Long lasting (up to 5 years depending on location)

  • Protects against etching and surface degradation

  • Invisible, UV stable and chemical resistant

  • Easy to clean effect / self-cleaning effect as water rolls off the surface

  • Reduces cleaning frequency saving time and cost

  • Effective in all environments