Protect your sneakers effectively against water and pollution with HOT STUFF

The first and only machine washable sneaker protection
Effectively protects against contamination of any kind.
YOU create an invisible, long-lasting, self-healing and washable protective layer

Easy to apply

  1. Spray on and massage in
  2. Apply and let dry
  3. Dry with heat – Done



Your ultimate sneaker protection

  • Water and oil repellent
    Effectively protects against pollution
  • For all types of sneakers
    Suitable for all fabric and suede shoes (except plain leather)
  • Easy to apply
    Follow easy instructions
    No colour changeColour fastness remains
  • Very durable
    Latest quantum silica fusion technology
  • Machine washable
    Up to 40°C
  • Water-based
    Water activated formula
  • Biodegradable
    Without propellant, CFC freeNo animal testingNot tested on animals

2 sachets with 5ml concentrate each for 100ml sealing (100ml sufficient for 1-2 pairs of shoes depending on size)
1 x empty 100ml spray bottle
4 gloves


Hot Stuff® is a high-performance coating technology. In order to gain optimum performance the surface being coated should be completely clean, dry and free from other coatings.

  • Remove the empty bottle from the pack and unscrew spray-head.
  • Cut the corner of the sachet containing the Hot Stuff® concentrate and place the concentrate into the empty bottle.
  • Fill the spray bottle with water, screw on the spray head and shake well (for approx. 20 seconds).
  • Wear protective gloves.
  • Spray shoes thoroughly. The fabric should be fully moistened. Wipe the surface, with gloved hands, ensuring that the liquid is fully dispersed into the fabric. For optimum protection it is suggested that laces are removed prior to spray coating. Spray the laces separately.
  • Allow the shoes to „air-dry“ (preferably overnight) This is the recommended process. Alternatively the shoes can be heat dried immediately after coating. The drying time when heat drying from wet varies greatly depending on size, fabric and drying method.
  • When the shoes are completely dry (after air drying) use a hair dryer to warm each shoe THOROUGHLY. As a guideline, heat for at least 5 minutes per shoe. Alternatively, the shoes can also be heated in a tumble dryer. In most instances, a 20 minute cycle at full heat is sufficient.

IMPORTANT: The Hot Stuff® coating is activated by heat. Inadequate application of heat will result in poor performance. The activation of the coating starts at a minimum temperature of 50°C. The target temperature is in the 50°C to 80°C range.

READY! Your shoes are now protected with a high performance, self-healing coating.


  • Remember to heat dry shoes after every wash in order to reactivate the self-healing aspect of the coating.
  • Some hair dryers are very powerful. Do not place the hair dryer too close to the surface being heated as damage may occur
  • Some fabrics such as synthetic mesh fabrics dry very rapidly, other fabrics such as heavy cotton take longer to dry.
  • Test on an inconspicuous area prior to full coating in order to confirm suitability / colour fast characteristics.
  • Conduct the application over a working area such as a wash basin. Do not apply on or near to water sensitive surfaces.
  • Once mixed the coating should be used within 7 days.
  • The coating will not bond optimally to dirty fabrics. Remove all soiling from coated surfaces before application.
  • Follow the instructions relating to care of the shoes.

How long does it take for the shoes to "air dry"?

Answer: It depends on the fabric of the shoe. The shoes should feel completely dry before doing the heat treatment.

Can I "over-warm" the shoes?

Answer: The coating cannot be damaged by "overheating", but still you should stick to the specified time in order not to “burn” the shoe.

- Is there anything to keep in mind when I use a hair dryer when heating the shoes?

Answer: The temperature of a hair dryer is often higher than that of a tumble dryer. The hair dryer only heats a small area. Therefore, make sure that the whole shoe is heated all over. Blow dry in sections and do not hold hair dryer closer than approx. 10cm to the shoe.

What does "self-healing coating" mean?

Answer: If the coating has been damaged at one point, it will repair itself when the shoe is next washed and then heat treated.

Is the coating also suitable for smooth leather?

Answer: No, only for fabric and suede.

How can I wash my shoes?

Answer: The special feature of this coating is that you can wash the shoes in the washing machine, depending on the substance, up to 10 times. It is best to choose an "eco-washing program" on the washing machine. By hand up to 20 wash cycles can be achieved. It is important that the shoes are treated again with heat after washing as described in the instructions.

Durability of the coating

Answer: The Hot Stuff® Coating is based on state-of-the-art "liquid glass technology" and is very durable. The durability, however, is shortened by Abrassion. The exact durability naturally depends on how worn the shoes are, how they are strained and how often they are washed. Therefore, a precise time cannot be given.

Renewal of the coating

Answer: If the effect of the coating decreases due to use or many washes after some time, the coating can be renewed as described in the instructions.


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