About Us

APL Protect (Pty) Ltd was registered in 2018 and has more than 30 years’ combined experience working with Nanotechnology products.

The CEO of APL Protect has been working very closely with the manufacturer of our Nanotechnology products since 2016.

APL Protect has secured the sole rights for Africa, Indian Ocean Islands and New Zealand to import and sell a wide range of Nanotechnology products from our manufacturer in Germany.

APL Protect has the skills and knowledge to give you best advise as to which products to use for your particular surface. We have direct access to the manufacturer which means we can give you the best pricing and advice on all your Nanotechnology needs.

APL Protect’s management and employees strongly subscribe to the principles of sound corporate governance. We are committed to the creation of local competence, intense training and skill transfer to our personnel and SMME development. Our key focus areas are the development of young talent.

APL Protect has a clear and focused strategy to target opportunities in selected areas in Africa and the Indian Islands. We form collaborations and partnerships with our customers in order to meet and achieve the results for their requirements.

APL Protect will form Partnerships or embark on the Acquisition of companies that are in line with our Vision and Mission in order to establish ourselves as a leader in Africa, providing services and support with the objective to become a worldwide leader.

APL Protect has appointed an agent in New Zealand beginning 2020 and this is part of our vision to bring quality Nanotechnology products to all corners of this planet.